“Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.”  Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

Typsy Gypsy Hand-Crafted Jewelry
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Wire Wrapped Bracelets

Coming Soon!


Shrink Art Earrings

Coming Soon!


Tiger Wire Bracelets

Gorgeous selections of beads strung on tiger wire / tiger tail.  The beads have been carefully chosen for their aesthetic charm, and may include metal spacers, bead caps, and crystals.  They are finished with wire protectors for sturdiness.  Clasps are either toggles or lobster-claws.


Dangle Earrings

This selection of earrings are composed of beads arranged on either a head pin or eye pin.  The beads may be stone, glass, shell, or metal, and some are accented with dangling charms.  Your earlobes will be delighted!


Crystal Earrings

These delightfully sparkling earrings come in a variety of both crystal and wire colors.  The intricate hand done wire wrapping creates a delicate weave within the circle of crystal beads.  The crystals catch and scatter light from their many facets.


Jewelry Sets

Matching sets of at least two pieces.  Necklace and bracelet, necklace and earrings, or earrings and bracelet.  Occasionally you may find three or more pieces included in a set.  You will always find beauty and intrigue with any of the sets you select from The Typsy Gypsies.


Glass Pebble Pendants

My Pebble Pendants are an assemblage of a glass pebble, a printed graphic, and a layer of sheet copper.  These are all sandwiched, then joined together with copper tape and solder.  A ring is added to the top to facilitate wearing it on a neckband or chain of your choice.


Hammered Copper Pendants

A length of heavy copper wire, shaped and hammered into an intriguing design which I then embellish with beads and wire.  Each piece is one of a kind, just like the discerning person who wears it.

hammered copper pendant Focal Bead Pendant

Focal Bead Pendants

Stone, ceramic, glass, or just wire, these pendants bring together components to complement one another.  Wire is swirled and twirled to give unique character to each piece.

Primitive Leather Necklaces

I recently lucked upon an enormous bag of beautiful, primitive, chunky glass beads at our local thrift store.  I’ve threaded small groupings of these beads onto leather strips, added a handmade copper clasp and, viola, intriguing necklaces for both men and women!

Primitive Leather Necklaces

Boho Bracelets

These one of a kind bracelets are festooned with dozens of individually assembled and hand wrapped charms. Some of the charms are simple beads, others are elaborate, and many contain sparkling crystals. Sweetheart Charmed Bracelets are finished off with either a toggle or lobster-claw clasp.


Memory Wire Bracelets

Beautiful sparkling bracelets arranged on memory wire, the wire that holds its shape and bounces back to size.  These bracelets are easy to put on and remove from your wrist and require no clasp.  These are great for young people as they require no help to put them on!

the Typsy Gypsies, are a husband and wife team that travel the western US in our RV which we lovingly call “the Vardo”.  As part of our travels we volunteer at US national parks and forests.  We also frequent various fairs, festivals and other events as gypsy vendors.

Typsy Gypsy hand-crafted items are designed and manufactured by the Typsy Gypsies themselves.  Wendy designs and makes jewelry, and other trinkets.  Earl creates beautiful scrying mirrors.

We try to follow the green path in our productions.  Many of our supplies are reused and repurposed.  We scour thrift stores and garage sales for pieces we can use in our “art”.